5 Points to Consider When Best Choosing the Hospital for ACL Surgery

When Choosing the best hospital for ACL Surgery

Choosing the best hospital for ACL Surgery is a critical decision that can make a difference in the outcome of your surgery. To help you make the right choice, we have identified five key points to consider when selecting the best ACL surgeon or the best orthopaedic doctor. These include patient safety, the experience of the surgeon, operation theatre and availability of instruments, surgical techniques and availability of implants, and availability of advanced physiotherapy setup. In this blog post, we will discuss these five points in detail to help you make the best decision for your ACL Surgery.

ACL Surgery
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  • Patient Safety

ACL surgery is a common ligament surgery that is commonly done under spinal anaesthesia. As with any surgical procedure, patient safety is of the utmost priority. When choosing the best hospital for ACL surgery, it is important to ensure that the facility has the necessary equipment to provide the safest surgery possible. This includes the availability of modular and advanced anaesthesia machines and full-time working ICU backup. With these tools in place, a patient can rest assured that their safety is the top priority of the hospital staff.

  • Experience of the Surgeon

When it comes to ACL surgery, the experience of the surgeon is of utmost importance. The success rate of the surgery is directly proportional to the experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. Therefore, it is essential to choose a highly experienced and the best orthopaedic doctor for your ligament surgery.

The best ACL surgeons are specially trained in arthroscopic surgeries, which is the most common technique used to repair ACL injuries. The surgeon should also have a proven track record of performing ACL surgeries regularly and with great success. Choosing a surgeon who has performed multiple successful ACL surgeries in the past will give you the best chance of achieving successful results with your own surgery.

  • Operation Theatre and Availability of Instruments

The operation theatre is an important part of the orthopaedic surgery process, especially when it comes to ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) surgery. A modular operation theatre should be available to perform ACL surgery and other ligament surgeries so that the necessary instruments can be used with ease. The arthroscopy tower should include a full HD camera, monitor, motorised shaver, arthroscope, radio frequency device, and some hand instruments. This setup helps the surgeon to have a clearer view of the joint and execute the procedure with precision. In addition to this, the hospital should have an adequate number of instruments for ACL surgery and ligament repairs so that the patient can be operated upon safely and with comfort.

  • Surgical Techniques and Availability of Implants

When considering a hospital for ACL Surgery, it is important to discuss the surgical techniques and availability of implants with your surgeon. Your surgeon should be familiar with the latest techniques available for ACL surgery, as well as the various implants and tools used in the procedure. The hospital should also have a wide range of primary implants and backup implants in case of any complications. Having a good selection of implants on hand will help ensure that the surgery is as successful as possible. It’s also important to choose a hospital that uses the latest ligament-repair techniques so that you get the best outcome possible.

  • Availability of Advanced Physiotherapy Setup

An ideal physiotherapy set-up should have modern facilities such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, and an effective monitoring system. It is important that the physiotherapist has a clear understanding of the patient’s current condition and how to progress with the appropriate treatments. They should be able to provide education to help the patient understand their injury, its implications, and how to self-manage their condition. The physiotherapist should also be able to guide the patient in choosing the most suitable exercises for their condition and goals.

In addition, the physiotherapist should have experience in dealing with ACL injuries and be able to give appropriate advice on how to manage pain and swelling. They should also be able to develop an individualised rehabilitation program tailored to each patient’s needs and abilities.

When selecting a hospital for ACL surgery, it is important to ensure that there is access to a comprehensive advanced physiotherapy setup. This will help ensure that the patient receives the best possible treatment and rehabilitation following the surgery.

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