The Perfect Time to Start Driving After ACL Surgery

If you’ve undergone ACL surgery, you may be wondering when it’s safe to get behind the wheel again. After all, your car or bike represents freedom, and you may be anxious to hit the road again as soon as possible. It’s understandable that you want to be mobile again right away, but if you jump the gun before your body is ready, you could worsen the effects of your injury. Use the following guidelines to determine when it’s best to start driving after ACL surgery.

When should I start driving my own?

It’s important to wait until you feel confident and comfortable before you start driving. The perfect time varies from person to person, but it typically takes 1-3 months after surgery. Talk with your surgeon about when they recommend you start driving again, and always take a test drive in an empty parking lot before getting on the road. Take some time to practice maneuvers and make sure your car fits your needs for easy maneuverability.

When should I start driving my own?

It is best not to make a general timeline as it can vary from person to person. There are many factors that can affect how long it takes for someone to get back behind the wheel following an ACL reconstruction surgery:

1) Side of the limb involved

During normal circumstances person with left sided ACL reconstruction will be able to drive car with confidence by 4-5 weeks. But patients who have had an ACL surgery on their right knee will need more time than those who have had the surgery on the left. This is because during driving right foot needs to be switched between accelerator and break. This process needs more coordination compared to the left side which is used to operate only the clutch. The automatic car does not have a clutch which makes it much easier for the left side. A person with right-sided ACL reconstruction will be able to drive a car with confidence by 5- 6 weeks.

2) Type of surgery

Timing of vehicle driving also depends on type of surgery. If surgery is done with traditional fixation methods like interference screw, it might take time little longer time than what usually required. If fixation methods include modern techniques such ac “All Inside ACL reconstruction with internal brace”, you may recover earlier and can get back behind the wheel following an ACL reconstruction surgery.

3) Multi-ligament injury

If ACL reconstruction involves more than one ligament recovery time will be longer and you will be able to drive after 10-12 weeks of surgery.

What if I get anxious about driving?

When you have your surgery, it is natural to be anxious about driving. There are a lot of unknowns that can make you worry about your ability to handle the car and navigate intersections. But always wait till you are confident and comfortable before taking the wheel. Hasty decisions are harmful, so always take a test drive in an empty parking lot before starting to drive on the road.

Tips for Driving After ACL surgery

– Drive only if you are confident and comfortable with your ability
– You should able to brake quickly and safely.
– It is important to be aware that your right knee will need more time than your left.
– Take prior consultation from your surgeon before starting to drive.
– It is advised not to use alcohol or sedatives while driving after surgery.
– When you first get back behind the wheel of a car or bike, take a test drive in empty space
before entering traffic, then follow the speed limit as soon as possible and avoid sudden movements like braking suddenly or turning at high speeds.

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